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action doing tasks Sep 27, 2022

MUST DO vs CAN DO - I have taken this from my boys' classroom. Everyday they have two lists - a Must Do's and a Can Do's. They can't get to the Can Do's (more fun) until they have done the Must Do's (less fun but more important).

So, let's work this with everyday business.
What are your MUST DO's each week/day?
What are your CAN DO's each week/day?

Must Do's are (imho):
1. income generating or to do with cash flow actions e.g. creating, sending and following up on invoices, checking your financials each week, carrying out financial tasks like GST each quarter, paying your bills.
2. Customer/Client focussed actions - nurturing, serving, helping, customer service, communications, support
3. Marketing Pipeline actions but balanced against the other tasks - e.g. promote your offer on socials, send that newsletter, interact in DMs.
4. Metric checking each month against goals
5. Mindset work
6. Making time to build & test a new offer
7. Body-centric actions - that daily walk, hydration etc

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