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Working to a Plan versus Inspired Action

I wrote this initially as a quick Instagram from a moment of Inspired Action so I posted it only half an hour after having the idea BUT.... I know that the content is still aligned to the value I want to give my audience and clients and my marketing manifesto.

Your plan is your GUIDE your container and manifesto for all of your business - marketing, ops, systems, financials, goals, dreams, the timeline.

Inspired Action is an idea that is deep and in the moment BUT still aligned to the bigger vision and strategy. IT must not be a "should" or put you into overwhelm.

If that happens then it's "just a great idea" thanks brain! put it in the ideas bucket and review it at the end of the month to see if it is worth pursuing.

Many Inspired Actions come from ideas (obvs) but they have to be within the realms of your energetic capacity to make it happen and be connected to the bigger vision and strategy so they help move you...

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