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Building a business can be a lonely venture. Even with all the grit and gusto it is so much better with support.

My Heartwood Membership was created just for that - community, support & coaching.

Imagine if... 

You weren't alone in creating your business success journey? The Heartwood Business Builders' membership was created with the intention of providing both foundational business modules for you to work through AND community support with a monthly coaching call and a Facebook group to ask questions as and when needed. 

This is what you get:

  • Access to my coaching through a Facebook community group and

  • Monthly zoom calls with a focus topic and Q&A session

  • Access to a member library/portal to work through my Define, Design, Do planning framework (with modules on belief, confidence, systems too). 

  • Templates and Resources

  • A progress tracker

  • Special extras throughout the year for being a member - I'm always refining and adding new content.

  • Support from other women in business - hello community!!

  • Next level progress in your business.

All The Tools You Need To Start Building A Business You Love

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Heartwood Membership


NZD per month

  • Live Group Coaching Calls/Workshops
  • Private Facebook Group - ask me or the group
  • DIY Self-Led Coaching Program with library of resources to step you along a framework
  • Member exclusive Extras & discounts
  • Archived coaching calls
  • New content based on what the group needs
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Kirsten, Organica Photography

"I was draw to the membership, as I’m part time in my biz, and wanted some level of coaching before committing to the full package. The group coach calls are a good kick, and that we can help each other with questions. It’s helped my self confidence and energy that I can have the confidence to in my pricing options. Kajabi looks great, I’ve been pretty slack with the goals. But not any more, I’ve decided I’m gonna kick my A into gear and get onto them now."

Anja, Ready Zero Go

I'm finding it nourishing to connect with others who also face their fears, want to grow and be inspiring/get inspired. We are all Changemakers

Hi! It's lovely to meet you

Welcome to the place to be to get easy access to business coaching, planning, mindset and community support. My name is Olivia and my zone of genius is planning, marketing and mindset and my zone of joy is helping other women to thrive in their businesses and life. It's a daily pleasure to see them grow and evolve and build businesses that they love.

Based in Queenstown, New Zealand I help women throughout our beautiful whenua to connect, learn, grow, share and thrive. 

Join us for continued support to get your business where you want it to be. 

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