There is nothing I love more than seeing women defining their goals, creating their plans and utilising ongoing support to achieve their business dreams.

Actually what I love more is being apart of these women’s joy & progress as they hit their financial goals and get super fired up about their businesses.

Hannah Rae - Grief Coach

Before I started working with Olivia I had oodles of ideas of how I could offer heart-centred, meaningful grief support but no plan or strategy to make those ideas a reality. Additionally, I didn't believe that I could actually pull it off.

I started from scratch and with Olivia's guidance I've now developed a marketing plan, created a framework for 1:1 coaching, implemented systems to manage the moving pieces, and engaged in a variety of networking methods (that, no way, would I have done on my own!). 

Living and working in alignment with my energy is also very important to me and Olivia "got it" right from the beginning! It was a breath of fresh air to detach from the hustle mentality and have her full support in designing my business in a way that works best for me.

Today I'm 100% confident in my offerings, and I'm proud to call myself a grief coach now working with clients in both 1:1 and group containers.

Anouva Settin - Zest Cakes, Queenstown

"After 2 difficult years in business and having gone through burnout, I was looking for a business coach with a different approach,  someone who believed business can be done in a positive, sustainable way and Olivia’s coaching is exactly that. I’m so glad I found someone who is aligned with my values and challenges the old beliefs which hold me back.

Our business needed clarity and direction, we needed someone asking the hard questions with honesty. It’s amazing how much energy frees up when you get clear and have a plan. I love Olivia’s enthusiasm, honesty and fresh perspective on business, I leave every meeting feeling clear and energised. I’ve been learning so much about business and myself and look forward to continuing our work together."

"“I knew that, if I wanted my business to succeed, I needed someone to help me and to be there for me. The feeling of doing it all alone and pushing myself was overwhelming and I like having someone to brainstorm with. I had a successful business overseas and needed to start the same business in New Zealand. It was quiet, I didn't know how to market my product and didn't have a clear path of where I was going to go. Since I have been with Olivia my confidence has grown, new clients come from people I don’t personally know and I know where I want to go with my photography. I am more confident, believe more in me and my product. I know what to do to create leads and have built a nice workflow to get clients. I know what I'm doing and what results that will get. I have a nice workflow with some form of standardisation that feels personal and genuine. Everything I do is unique to my product and I'm proud of that, thanks to Olivia!”"

Francine Boer

Kylie Champness - Grown and Gathered

“Gosh I can’t explain how amazing this all is and how good it feels to be in control and making decisions for my business and our life. I knew working with a business coach might help me reframe my thinking and get clear on my business goals but I never thought it would literally transform every aspect of my life for the better and feel better than winning lotto. So from the bottom of my heart thank you for creating Alchemy and pulling me in with your amazing energy and magnetism. I’m so pleased I took the risk and jumped in. So much love and gratitude, Kylie”

Kylie Champness (Owner of Grown & Gathered)

Steph Godfrey, Elements

“I have a small massage and skincare business that has been operating for about 18 months. I know my trade inside out however as the business began to grow I realised that I didn't understand how to run the business side. I previously knew Olivia and when she explained to me what her business was I knew this was exactly what I needed.

As a mum of two and business owner I needed to work alongside someone who understood what was realistically achievable and the way Olivia keeps me on track with my business plans and goals without adding additional pressure outside of my limitations is priceless.

Since working together I now have a clear plan of where my business is heading and a much clearer understanding of the financials and operations. Olivia also helped me to create my very first website and has a beautiful, positive, calming nature.

I cannot recommend Olivia highly enough and I am looking forward to continuing our work together, thank you so much for everything so far.”

Steph Williams (Owner of Elements - massage.skincare.wellness)

"“I had set myself a goal for 2021 to turn my hobby of making organic skincare for friends and family into a viable business.  But the months went by and I just never got anywhere.  It was either give up or get help. I spoke to Olivia and decided that she was the help I needed. We firstly set a three month goal, which was to understand and clarify COGs, launch a website, and to attend the pre Christmas markets. All three of these goals were met! I couldn’t believe it. Olivia removed the overwhelm factor and broke everything down into manageable and achievable tasks, which I was able to work on. I felt a lot less pressure because it all felt so achievable. I didn’t feel like I was failing anymore because I was ticking off little milestones all the time.” Renee Wedd -"

Renee Wedd
Essentially Creative

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