Let me guess...

It isn't working. That's why you're here, right? All the feels are happening. From overwhelm to self-doubt, to fear and apprehension, to graspy hustling, adhoc and inconsistent action to just sheer frustration...that it just isn't working!! You're thinking: how do I do this? How can it be easy? Simplified and smarter?

It could also be that you know where you want to be but don't know how to get there. Or you have a feeling of that beautiful dream business but it's just not very clear. 


Imagine if... 

You had all the right tools customised for you and your business at your disposal, with support and accountability that allowed you to:

  • Create a business that you loved 
  • Build a hearty bespoke revenue stream that suited your life
  • Show up consistently with a proven plan that allowed rest and nourishment time with out worry of losing momentum
  • Make money being you
  • Build relationships with clients and customers that was fulfilling and joy-filled
  • Stand in your full confidence and belief that the dream was just a set of actions away from being realised
  • Access weekly support for your brain
  • Be fully clear and confident in your business decision making.

Strategy + Mindset - Your brain + My Brain for a thriving, nourishing business that hits all your success markers. 


Alchemy in Business

My 16 week (4 months) 1:1 Business Coaching Program for women.

Strategy, planning, mindset, weekly support plus leaving room for some magic.

1:1 Bespoke Business Coaching - 16 weeks (4 months)


in NZD

  • 3 hour Strategic Planning Session to Define your Vision & Goals and Design your Plan (either virtually or in-person if within Otago)
  • 16 1hour weekly coaching calls 
  • Full metrics review every 4 weeks (financial, marketing, mindset)
  • Proven processes and templates just for 1:1 clients
  • Access to daily coaching
  • Define, Design, Do, Learn, Repeat, Tweak. 
  • 2 payments of $1500 available.
  • My goal is to guide you to take consistent action to start earning quickly (make the investment back and more) but with stability, strategy and a support framework so you can replicate for yourself in the future. 

I want to check in with you to see if my brain/process is what you need so book a free 1 hour call first. 

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Hannah Rae

I started from scratch and with Olivia's guidance I've now developed a marketing plan, created a framework for 1:1 coaching, implemented systems to manage the moving pieces, and engaged in a variety of networking methods (that, no way, would I have done on my own!). 

Living and working in alignment with my energy is also very important to me and Olivia "got it" right from the beginning! It was a breath of fresh air to detach from the hustle mentality and have her full support in designing my business in a way that works best for me.

Kirsten Millard

Thank you so much for all your help with my business! You have inspired me, and helped me to train my mindset into a completely different level of energy. Before I would have been scared to even think that I could potentially earn 100k by myself, but now I’m really feeling into that energy and creating the plan to make it happen! Baby steps but we all have to start somewhere. You’ve given me the confidence to change my pricing structure, and to double my rates, without fear! I also love that there is no judgment when I don’t have time to do the homework’s, and it’s all positive feminine energy vibes. I’m part of the membership and deeper training, and I think both together are a good mix to keep me on track. Thank you for being there for me, as a coach and a friend. 


During the initial 3 hour Strategic Planning Session we will define your vision, goals, offer(s) and resourcing you need.

We then Design a Action Plan that will get you to where you want to be with at least the next 4-6 months planned out and the first Month tactics loaded.

Doing it! Then every week for 16 weeks we get-together online to review the wins, the progress, the challenges and the thoughts that need work. This is where accountability and support for taking actions and re-programming your mindset happens - every week. It consistent action that gets results. 

Hi! It's lovely to meet you


My Business Coaching was born out of a desire to develop an income generator that fit with my unique brain and experience and motherhood. I didn't want to work traditional hours in a traditional way. I wanted a way to earn my ideal income without overwhelm, stress, hustle or fear.  I knew I had been problem solving business strategy and marketing for others successfully for years so instead of finding one person/business to help I decided to create a program that could help many women at whatever stage of business they were in.

I could work from home, tend my garden, be emotionally and energetically available for my family, bake bread, live with less impact and take time off when I wanted to - without asking someone's permission. I wanted a business that felt joyful, beautiful, grounded, nourishing and whole. One that could start to re-define what it looked like for women to earn an income especially in an increasingly unstable world. 

It's my purpose to help women to find that special something for themselves. Make money being them. Succeeding in ways other than Revenue. Loving their businesses and having a healthy work life blend.

Unique Skillset

20 years of project management, marketing, comms and helping other business owners to create plans, problem solve and achieve their goals. Shapeshifting from strategic to tactical day-to-day and creative design my business coaching process works with all types of female-led businesses.

Calm but Direct

I keep things calm and listen to your needs but also know when to be curious and ask the right questions to find that gold nugget of goodness to move you forward. I am not building a bestie relationship but a healthy coaching collab that moves you to where you want to be.

Customised Plan

We work with your zone of genius and strengths to build your business for you that fits your unique business and life. Any skills or resources you need we make a plan to find them. Get organised and work your business in a way that suits your energy, personality and lifestyle.

Client results...

Remember that during my coaching program I work with you to create a bespoke, customised plan based on your business, your offer, your lifestyle and YOU. So, your results will be unique to your business but could look like:

  • Tripling monthly revenue and keeping cash flow consistent and/or growing.
  • Generating consistent leads
  • Increasing relationship connections in the industry.
  • Increasing engagement on social media x3
  • Build a newsletter and growing it to over 100 subscribers
  • create new revenue streams that aligns with their zone of genius and zone of joy - like a monthly membership

  • show up consistently in their chosen marketing streams to build momentum

  • understanding the fundamentals of business practice and metric analysis in their back end

  • give themselves permission to have quiet days as their plan allows for freedom and flexibility.

  • are confident that they will get what they want in a way that is nourishing and beautiful for their lives.

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Ready? Take the first step to creating a business you love.

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