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My Business Coaching practice (previously called Heartwood) was created to help others solve problems in their businesses with a focus on holistic, nourishing and achievable outcomes. After opening a small florist here in Queenstown and then the market changing after lockdown 2020 I discovered that I was getting more joy from the problem solving and creative solution finding of starting and growing a business than actually being a florist (although I still do love flowers!).

I love finding creative, yet practical solutions or opportunities. But with a focus on slow and without the hustle or overwhelm. So, I wanted to offer that to other women like me in similar positions. Balancing caregiving (in my case two growing boys), life admin and wanting to live a life with passion and purpose.

But also create a business that worked with that life and my energy cycles.

I love helping business owners trying to find their lane and those driving sustainable and regenerative solutions.

With over 20 years business experience in environmental marketing, trust management, corporate and council experience I have a way of being able to shapeshift. From strategic planning, problem definition and solution creation, visioning and goal setting to the practical day to day logistical planning to designing something creative and beautiful in your marketing and communications ( I also do still life floral photography which you can see here) to building in sustainable and regenerative business solutions.

I also firmly believe in well-being practices that suit your lifestyle and help your business to thrive. Constantly hustling will lead to stress which will lead to burn out which will not lead to business success. This is a long game. A calm, quiet, take-a-deep-breath, way to a business and life that is thriving and nourishing.

It starts with you. Your goals, dreams, vision for your business and what your day-to-day is like. Be grounded not ground-breaking.

Ultimately, I am here to help you to achieve your unique goals. One step at a time. Let’s grab a delicious hot beverage and sit down for a good natter. Looking forward to meeting you.


Utilise my skills and knowledge to progress your business.

Whether it's increasing leads, clients, revenue or installing more efficient systems and structure or having a plan you can focus or you are struggling with confidence and consistency get in touch for a free 1 hour call with me. You can tell me all about your business, your current challenges and what you want your dream business to be and I'll let you know what you can do next. 

It's time to fall in love with your business. 

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